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White details Youtube channel. RS5 and R8 GT

Nickyc Jul 13, 2020

  1. Nickyc

    Nickyc Registered User


    Not sure how many of you watch the White Details channel. I really like it and he is very down to earth and shows you everything that he does rather than show you some before and after footage. A good few things I have learnt from him.
    Anyway, this week he has an RS5 in a really nice dark blue which looks amazing once he has finished, and an R8 GT which i didnt even know existed until now.
    Interestingly he discussed the situation about if he spots things with the car before he corrects them and the tricky position telling the customer. The Rs5 had the wheels refurbed and had the rear quarter blended in for some reason, he also found glass inside the car, so a glass was smashed at some stage, all of which the new owner knew nothing about.

    A good watch if you are into your detailing.

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  3. Adam14

    Adam14 Registered User

    Completely agree. Both great videos and watch all his videos.

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  4. T-1000

    T-1000 Registered User

    Funnily enough I was watching these today.

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  5. daytonamart

    daytonamart Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I enjoy the White details channel, he seems to have been struggling recently with motivation.

    Glad he's posting again. Must be hard work on your own in a unit all day.
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