Whining sound when cornering hard acceleration

Chris S 1245

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Just noticed a strange whining sound when I took the car for a spirited drive. Under acceleration when cornering hard It’s almost like a supercharger whine. This was during hard left turns on twisty roads. The sound is definately mechanical sounding. So just wandering if anyone else has had this issue .

Cheers Chris


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Wheel bearing?


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Just had my wheel bearing changed at 21k miles. Whirring sound would describe it. Does it intensify or reduce with changes of speed ? Mine was early stages of going, so only bearable under low speed / engine noise. Technician told me would get progressively louder. If you’re under warranty its covered.


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I’ve got this sound since new, only hear it when cornering on the track, did not really bother me, quite the opposite kinda adds fun.