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Which turbo? Precision - Garrett - Xona - Borg Warner

random101 May 2, 2018

  1. random101

    random101 Member

    I'm curious as to which turbo people would swing to - It's a very broad question but if you were aiming for 800-1000hp which would you go for?

    GTX3584RS Seems to be a good update.
    Xona 8267 Seems to be proven as well.

    The unknown seems to be Precision - they are huge in the GTR RB world but I haven't seen any RS3's with them.

    I was just hoping to get other peoples opinion on the best modern turbo (reliability and performance).
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  3. PanamaS3

    PanamaS3 Well-Known Member Team Glacier Audi S3 Black Edition S3 Saloon DSG

    the question i think is.....who wants to be the first to try?
    if going for 800-1000hp then I would go for the one my local tuner recommended
  4. Bluepower

    Bluepower Active Member

    My Xona 8267 is for sale. Also got the IMS tubulair manifold for the 07K block to go with it.. Both brand new! The Xona is one hell of a turbo, soooo sweet.. Unfortunately I'm not going to use it due to changes in priorities..
  5. random101

    random101 Member

    There is only a handful of tuners around the world I'd trust with the question. Too many local tuners live in the bolt on - flash tune world.

    Others tuners ect have a big push for Hybrids TTE ect. Which I was a big fan of, but then looking at the compressor maps it's not enough of a change for my liking.

    Hence why I'm approaching it JDM style with custom fabricated work - which doesn't lock me into any turbo in particular. I'd go down the hypertune IC route. Iroz have a great package and some great products so I wouldn't write them off write away (but they are limited to Xona/Garrett). Custom work would need to be done for a Precision setup which is the go to turbo for RB's and they relatively easily pulling 800-1000hp.

    Would absolutely love to see some more builds of this caliber on the Audi scene.
  6. random101

    random101 Member

    Having said that a TTE625... just hit 9.6sec 1/4mile which is quick...
  7. KKOG

    KKOG Member Team Mythos TeamMisano

    Look at the Borgwarner EFR 9180.
    The EFR series is among the best turbos on the market fore sure.
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  8. Aoon_M

    Aoon_M Well-Known Member

    The 3584RS looks like a mega turbo. That would be my choice!

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