Which spacers for my Le Mans A6 2.7tdi?


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Hi folks, been considering spacers on my Audi for a while but really am clueless about them. I have never put any on a car before.

How do I confirm what fitment I need?

What are the best ones to get?

What size of spacer would I want?

Anything else I need to consider?

The audi is on the standard 19" alloys and here is how it looks just now on the front...


and the rear...



Any links or pictures of spaces cars would be appreciated. I assume it is best to get a kit with longer bolts included?

I am not gonna lower the car at the moment and just want a "fatter" stance and better appearance in the arch

thanks, appreciate the help,

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Sticking with H&R is always a good option and they include the longer bolts needed as well.

Sizing is a personal choice really but from the pictures it doesn't look like you need a great deal though, maybe 10mm front and 10/12mm rear.

Damian @ DPM Performance