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Which Remap

S3Steve Oct 4, 2015

  1. S3Steve

    S3Steve Registered User

    Im thinking about remapping my A6 2.0 TDI, unlike with previous cars it isnt just for more power this time.I would like to improve the fuel economy too. I had a Jabbasport remap on my S3,I was very happy with that map as not only did it increase the power(and smiles) but when you stayed away from the loud pedal improved the economy too.I am quite interested in the Superchips Bluefin this time. What maps are everyone running? What has been the effect on driveability and what difference in fuel economy if any have you seen?
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  3. Revo Steve-W

    Revo Steve-W Registered User

    Hi Steve, Revo is a fully developed and complete software file developed on track and road, rather then a lesser file which will just have a few adjustments within the performance area of the ECU, but then limited by the stock factory parameters. In fact we're so confident in the Revo software files that we offer the 30 day money back guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied.

    Give your local dealer a call for more details - http://www.revotechnik.com/dealer-locator
  4. Rab97

    Rab97 Registered User

    Hi bud what bhp and model do u have
  5. Cornish John

    Cornish John Guest

    When I had a VW Passsat it had the 130bhp PD engine, it was remapped via Celtic, no problems and went up to 184bhp stage one. But my car as standard on there dyno showed it was at 155bhp, was it reading high? I also found that there remap was "aggressive" But did the job.

    Now I bought a 2010 plate A3 2.0tdi 170bhp CR engine about four to five years ago, had been thinking about a remap for a while. So last year, after loads of research, used "Quantum" after I found "Celtic" to be aggressive in the past.

    It was terrible, flat spots, dipping performance, poor performance curve and so on. The place I had it done, did try allsorts, ever head office at Quantum sent over a revised map, it was better, but output was down to 110bhp! It was 170bhp at the start! Still not right.

    Quantum did try and say it must be my car!
    I gave the garage its due, they looked over my car, found zero problems.
    Original map installed, my old car was back and good again!

    So I waited until last week to try a remap again, it just really worried me about what dealers were selling!

    I did some research, decided REVO was the way to go, yes it cost more than most, but proven product with a good track record.
    Its been in a week, its great! More power when needed, around 205bhp, smooth power delivery in all gears. Just like my original map, but has the power that it missed, that said it was quick before! Good smooth results with the added power, first class.

    On a 200 mile motor way run, doing my normal motor way driving speed I'm getting a 4mpg improvement.

    So REVO a big plus from me.
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  6. desertstorm

    desertstorm Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    Celtic are well known for having an over reading dyno. A 130 Passat does not make 155bhp stock. Possibly 140 bhp.
    And you can't get 185bhp out of a stock car, maybe 175bhp.
    To the OP whereabouts are you in the country. It's difficult to get good imnprovements in economy as the manufacturers do quite a good job. But there are things that can be changed and the increase in torque you usually get with a map tends to make the engines more flexible so you can drive in higher gears keeping the revs down.
  7. Cornish John

    Cornish John Guest

    Yes, that was my little point with Celtic, no way was it 155bhp to start with!
    But, £200 remap it was OK in the Passat, still was OK once I sold it and bought the A3 about 5 years ago.

    Dyno to one side, tells you half want you want or already know.
    But just driving the A3 after the REVO map, just knew it was good after seeing first hand bad maps!

    I live in North Cornwall, but spending a lot of time in Somerset (Cheddar area) because my Dad is very ill.
    I'm looking for someone in that area to paint the front end of my A3, lots of stone chips!!
  8. Luca

    Luca Registered User

    I have just done the superchips on mine today: first impressions are good. Same car but very different acceleration, not only for the more torque but also per different response of the car when pressing the right foot, technically the high power starts sooner now.
    Regarding the fuel i cannot say anything yet because too soon, i have drove today like 100km.
    A3 2.0 TDI 2014 ex 150bhp 320Nm, now should be 185bhp and 380Nm

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