Which of these 4 options would you choose? Advice please!


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Hi guys

I'll keep this as short as possible!

I've bought a very cheap 2005 B7 A4 Avant 2.0tdi with the BLB engine

There are no untoward noises from any part of the engine and the turbo boosts fine, but the
low oil pressure light has just come on.

My options appear to be:
1) Pay a trusted mechanic £100 labour to fit the £11 upgraded oil pump hex drive shaft (what are the odds of this fixing it? Great? OK? Not a chance?)
2) Pay a trusted mechanic £100 labour to fit a upgraded oil pump / balancer shaft unit (from Ring Engineering or Powermax)
3) Pay a trusted mechanic £250 labour to fit a second hand replacment engine from a trusted source
4) I have a W-reg Passat B5 1.9 TDi with a great engine, knackered clutch and poor body. Any scope of putting that engine (or the oil pump assembly?) into my Audi?

Thanks in advance!

In return I will be a long term active member of the forum, I have big plans for the car and will post plenty of how-to guides up etc :)


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Well geared will eliminate the tensioner failure problem , or keep replacing tensioners on an interval basis .