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Which mods do insurance companies need to be notified off?

MOA4B9 Jan 7, 2020

  1. MOA4B9

    MOA4B9 Registered User

    My insurance is coming up for renewal and when I was on a comparison website it was asking about any modifications to the car like cosmetic or performance. I've done a few mods like changing front grille to RS style, de- chroming, tinting windows. Does the insurance company need to be notified off these mods? What do you inform your insurers off. Will these mods actually effect the price of insurance?
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  3. V6_Man

    V6_Man Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User

    You should and it would. Aftermarket tint, front grille and new alloys, and springs etc are all modifications to the original spec of the car. In my case declaring tint, S3 18" alloys and lowering springs all brought insurance down on Mrs' A3.

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    If you need any help with insurance at all then please feel free to drop me a line.
  5. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Should technically declare all, many specialists including Adrian Flux said they wouldn't insure my A4 as it had too many mods, not even joking... so I... erm... removed all mods... yeah... and insured with the cheapest insurer on a comparison site :innocent:

    Personally never have a car worth claiming for so realistically if it was an option not to have insurance like it is in many countries I wouldn't have it but the more a car is worth the more important it is to have stuff declared just to be on the safe side.
  6. MCarda

    MCarda Registered User

    Considering what you have stated, do you have Third Party only or beyond that? With my previous car (Leon MK2 2009) after 6 years of ownership I dropped the insurance to TP only to save on cost and I hardly used the car during that period as well. The car used to be registered in Spain and I was paying €140 per YEAR to have road legal insurance rather than €500ish for comprehensive with a staggering €1200 excess!
  7. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Just have whatever works out cheapest, generally fully comp tends to be cheaper for us which doesn't make much sense, have a different car now which is much more stock anyway so not such an issue now.

    For that much excess it's certainly worth trying to keep stuff off the books in a worst case scenario.
  8. Rich76

    Rich76 Registered User

    A modification is anything that differs on the car that wasn’t on it when it left the factory !
    That would include any dealer fit options!

    All of them should be listed on insurance !

    I wouldn’t use Adrian flux again if they were the last insurance company on earth!
    The majority of staff know nothing at all about cars and modifications , when due to a medical condition I had to lay my highly modified car up for a period of time and borrow a non modified auto they wouldn’t cover me at all
  9. Badger-a-s

    Badger-a-s Registered User

    I only have a non standard grille and I mentioned this to my insurance company and they seemed a bit confused that I would even mention something so trivial. I have read that anything that's different from how it left the factory has to be declared. Their thinking is that if any modification, regardless of how small, even a badge, makes the car more desirable, then it's also more appealing to thieves and therefore commands a higher premium.
  10. Leevr

    Leevr Registered User

    Speaking from recent experience. Declare anything that you change from standard, no matter how menial. The insurance company will let you know if declared is relevant. I had a non fault bump on the 4th feb. And am heavily modified. As you never plan to have an accident you think why bother. For £67 extra on my policy I'm fully covered and the car is being repaired with genuine Audi parts and like for like aftermarket parts. Without this I'd of been liable for all costs to my car and his, with my insurance voided and probably be talking to the local constabulary. Just not worth taking the chance. On a foot note, big shout out to Adrian flux insurance. Been fantastic throughout the whole process.
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  11. mickyh7

    mickyh7 Guest

    What would happen if you bought a car which had been modded.
    But you didn't know about it. You genuinely did not know about it.
    Let's say a mild remap.
    You would not know if you bought your first 3.0 litre car, because they are quickish anyway.
    Then have a claim and it came up.
    Have you broken a law? Will they pay out ?
    It must happen/have happened.
    I sold a Vectra C with a DTUK Box on to my boss, he mentioned how quick it was the next day.
    I remembered and told him about the box. He kept it on anyway.
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  13. Bryant1998

    Bryant1998 Registered User

    I’d guess if being modded and you genuinely didn’t know, and was going to void a claim or something, you’d have to speak to previous owner and get them to admit to have modified the car before you, or have to submit your finance records to prove you never purchased the modified part(s)

    Would be a long process...
  14. Baj257

    Baj257 Registered User

    I added suspension modifications (anti roll bars), lowering springs and a 30% increase in engine power from a remap and my insurance only went up buy £60 when renewing.
    I pay £560 on my A4 3.0 tdi 272. That’s also with 30k miles per year as I do about 25k just commuting to work.

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  15. J0N

    J0N Registered User

    I’ve been phoning round insurance companies over the last few days. The best one I found was Brentacre, with every little mod declared. They need to know the value of your car and it’s power output, anything else is open season it seems.

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  16. Baj257

    Baj257 Registered User

    Liverpool Victoria always seem to be the cheapest for me

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  17. EG-Nath

    EG-Nath Registered User

    i think its a grey area, insurance companies 'should be' notified of all mods so that you can feel as ease about whether you're covered or not. however will an insurance company start pulling the ecu map data and then comparing it to the standard factory data to see if a crashed vehicle has been remapped.....i cant ever imagine they would tbh. you need specialist tools and knowledge.

    the annoyance from most modified car owners is that silly 'modifications' like swapping a front grill or tinting the windows doesnt add value or increase performance so are not declared because most insurance companies will rape you for declaring them....

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