Which Headunit Do I have? looking to add AUX input


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Mar 27, 2011
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Hi all,

Guess this is a fairly common question!

Looking to add aux input to my A3 1.9tdi Sport 3dr 2005

Or Iphone in, Either or.. just thought Aux would be cheapest!

Its a Audi Concert headunit, but im not sure if its a concert 1 or 2.

I also have Bose speakers as shown in the photo,

When the headunit is powered on it displays "Bose" on the screen.

I do have a Phatbox "phatnoise" in the boot but dont have the cradle for the HDD and they look to be around £40 from USA - Im not really fussed with this, I can get more songs on my iphone which automatically syncs with my itunes library for easier management etc so would prefer a Aux in.

If any one could confirm which model I have I'd be really greatfull and even more so If they can point me in the direction of the easiest, cheapest mod!

Thanks in advance:beerchug:

Photos below:


If you take it out, on the side, there is a sticker with the part number on it, this will identify the model.
Thanks, I have the keys on order, Ill just wait till they arrive and stop being impatient!
It's a Concert II (concert I is a tape player) and it will be ISO connections
It doesn't help that it just says "concert" on the front rather than a model number..I didn't know that either to be fair!