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which gauges? boost, water temp/ oil temp/psi, AFR?

boost-addict Jun 1, 2012

  1. boost-addict

    boost-addict Registered User

    defently buying a boost gauge as one i have is old but,

    not sure what others to go with, how accurate is the water temp and oil temp on the cluster. if there good then i wont bother,
    oil doesn't seem to move from about 90, which is either good as its staying cool or not as the sensor isnt working or the cluster accuracy isnt good

    other then them whats best things to run and monitor? thinking a AFR but do i really need it considering im not going to be running big turbos and have crazy fuelling?

    also which is the best make? found autogauge loses its 0 point after a while. myabe thats were its been knocking about for a while.

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