Which dealers?


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Would it be ok to sign up for drive the deal, carwow and orange wheels all at the same time? would that be ok?
sorry I'm just not sure on how it works, what if for example carwow and orangewheels contact the same dealer?

and which Audi dealers would you recommend that usually offers a good deal? I'll personally try emailing them as well :)



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Coventry Audi on carwow always come out cheaper than any of the other brokers! I then took my quote to my local dealer (Lincoln Audi - JCT600) and got them to price match.


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I found that drive the deal were cheapest for audi's none of the dealers that contacted me on carwow were close. Most I got offered on carwow was a discount of 2200 we coincidentally was Coventry dtd offer 3100 discount so nearly 1000 cheaper. I then took the quote to my local dealer (Bristol) and they matched it although I was dealing with a business manager at the time and they work to different overheads than salesman


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Base on this configuration uk.audi.com/A542YDK5

I'm guessing thats an awesome deal?! :O