which ball joint splitter


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well, i need to do my front lower control arms and i know i need a ball joint splitter.. are the cheap £5-£10 crowbar type ones any good?

also, would just some normal drive onto ramps be enough room to be able to get under to torque down the bolts down under load? .. ill obviously do the major work in stands with the wheels off


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For ball joint splitter I find these work much better


Far less likely to damage the boot on the existing part and can also be had for £10, that particular one is £10 from Machine Mart or similar price on eBay.

As for ramps to torque under load. Yes I would suspect the basic drive on ones you get from Halfords will do the job.

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yep, I use one of those as well as other types, allways handy to have a couple of differing types to deal with all situations.


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ok thanks lads, will get the scissor type