Which Android HU to replace B5 Symphony


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Didn't want to clog up the Android RNSE thread with such a specific question.

Has anyone fitted a decent Android HU to a B5 in place of a factory fitted Symphony HU?

Most of the units I see for sale currently mention "A3/S3" or "A4/S4/RS4" fitment, but that will obviously be the newer models. Would I be better off looking for some completely random fitment like Seat Ateca etc. :-D

Ideally looking for something with plenty of functionality - BT, DAB, Satnav... Just no more cassettes!


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I've had a few different ones and the best was the eanon hu with a custom rom on there. They still have their issues tho with long boot times and constant crashing/loading. Not to put you off at all but I would go down the route of a branded satnav hu.

I ended up with a KENWOOD dnx5160dabs in the end and although I miss the android interface and customisation my KENWOOD sounds better and works perfect every time.


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I took your sterling advice and got a Kenwood DNX5160DABS. Took an age to figure out how to change Satnav from km to miles, but other than that, seems a very splendid unit.

Which facia adaptor did you end up getting? I bought one off eBay, and it wouldn't even go over the Kenwood's cage, so sending it back.
Also noticed the facia plate which comes with the Kenwood fills the height of the facia 'hole', so guess an adaptor which just covers 'the sides' would be sufficient?