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Which A7 to buy??

hairymonster Jul 8, 2017

  1. hairymonster

    hairymonster New Member

    Hi all,

    Newbie here, looking to get an A7 - one of the 3.0 TDi's, but dunno which one.

    I don't want the multi-tronic gearbox, so probably the 242bhp or the 272bhp lump. The BiTDi isn't really on my radar.

    Are there any other 3.0 engines, aside from the 242 and 272 which use the 'normal' auto box, not the multitronic?

    I'm also guessing there's a list of things which need doing once past the 100,000 mile mark:

    DPF, Dual mass flywheel, clutch, crankshaft pulley, injectors, glow-plugs, turbos etc.

    Currently running a 2007 E61 BMW 525d touring with 3 litre lump - beautiful engine but with 172k miles on it, it has cost me £3k in the last year with various high mileage diesel issues, so hoping to avoid the same issues happening with an A7, certainly in the first few years, though I accept it'll happen at some stage.

    So any advice gratefully received - which are the best motors, what sort of mileage should I try and avoid, or expect to start getting high-mileage diesel issues with? Any particular years to avoid?

    Thanks - Phil
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  3. jay777

    jay777 Member

    There IS indeed another engine - the 3.0TFSI with 300 horses. I'm loving the smooth revving V6 and it's instantaneous throttle response.

    S-tronic has been troublesome (cars with the dealership for the second time now, fortunately under warranty), but I didnt fancy the standard gearbox I test drove when buying.

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  4. Jukes

    Jukes New Member

    Hi Phil,

    Did you fnd out anymore on this subject, I'm in exactly the same boat (experienced a blown turbo on a 320D @ 110,000 miles and now looking for a slightly high mileage A7, although I could be tempted by the BiTDi)


  5. Natebrand1987

    Natebrand1987 Member

    the bitdi is simply an amazing feat of engineering. the 8 speed tiptronic box is also an amazing bit of kit 1000nm rated 8 speed planetary geared box extremely strong and fuel efficient. the reason it is used in the bitdi rather than the stronic is simply the stronic cant take the torque
  6. KnightRider1

    KnightRider1 New Member

    Hi there very new member here after deciding to get rid of my decade owned roadster for a more practical family car. After scrawling through the forum this thread looks like the appropriate one to post my dilemma.

    Quick Background - Have been looking at the Jags recently and thought I was ready to pull the trigger but I just couldn't get out the back of my head the amazing weekend I spent with the A7 when I drove my brother-in-laws Audi to Belgium and back for the Grand Prix last year. It was so comfortable, easy to drive and we had four passengers with luggage and still had a cat to swing around, anyway I digress... Suffice to say my google searches changed and I've fallen in love with the A7 all over again.

    But here is the problem, now that I'm ready to buy my one I'm getting in a right state when deciding which model will suit my lifestyle. The one I drove to Belgium was a 3.0 TFSI but it was suprisingly ecomical because it was on a long run. Of course no where near ecomonical as a diesel but I was pleasantly surprised.

    So with that being said I have come down to a shortlist of:
    * A7 BiTdi
    * A7 TFSI
    * S7 (This in in the mix also because it's basically the same economy but more importantly more on the market to buy used that the A7 TFSI)

    My driving will mostly be a mixture of shorter and medium journeys. But we do travel to Suffolk once every couple of months and also planning on doing another GP this year and also a gold weekend in Europe somewhere.

    My concerns are that for half the year in UK it's cold and this is bad for a diesel engines and therefore a lot of cold starts. And although a few longer trips will be thrown in it'll mostly be used for short journeys so this worries me.

    I'm worried about the DPF of the diesel engine, are their any known problems (apart from the fact they need to be driven for half an hour a week above 40mph to start a regen)?

    Plus I can't find any statistics on reliability for the A7 either?

    Anyway this is getting long winded and I apologise for that but I have been looking and researching for a couple of weeks now and my head is thumping.

    Any thoughts and advice would be very helpful.

  7. jay777

    jay777 Member

    The TFSI is an absolute dream to drive compared to the standard TDI which I have also driven. Not driven the BiTDI.

    But don't buy it for economy it's stated fuel efficiency figures on short runs are.. dare I say only as good as what we've found out in the press about the VW group's claims

    TFSi co es with an s-tronic gearbox, which I found far superior to the slush box in the standard TDI, but I've had lots of issues with it, fortunately all covered by the warrenty.

    I've also had various other nagging little issues compare to my previous cars, all of which were also fixed under warrenty with no fussing around d by Audi.

    On the subject of Audi warrenty, an issue that impacts all pre-owned Audi users - the door sill LED light strips are a bummer to replace, Audi told me there'not covered by the 'pre-owned car warrenty'

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  8. RAF_S7

    RAF_S7 Well-Known Member Team V8 Gold Supporter Team Sepang Audi S7 A7 Owner Group Black Edition

    S7, but then l am slightly biased.....

    The only thing that may put you off is that if the S7 has the supersport seats (standard) there are only two seats in the back.

    The V8 engine is a pussycat, until you put your foot down at which point it turns into a full on animal. Had mine 2 years now, still smile every day :racer:
  9. Persuader - BiTDI

    Persuader - BiTDI New Member

    Bitdi [​IMG]

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  10. KnightRider1

    KnightRider1 New Member

    @Persuader - Your A7 looks awesome!

    Okay so things have escalated some what and someone we know is selling their RS7 and we're planning on test driving it this week. Can't say I'm not excited. Is there anything I should be particularly looking out for when I go and see this car?

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