Which A4 Cabriolet to buy!!??


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Hi Everyone,

I currently own an Alfa 156 which I love to drive, but it is de-valuing at a stupid rate and I want to go back to a convertible! So, I have been looking at Audi A4 Cabs for the last month or so but am totally confused about which model to go for.

I like the 'ummpph' of my Alfa and as I have a wiggly route to work, I need to know that I can overtake quickly/safely when I get the rare chance. For this reason, I'm a little concerned that the 1.8T won't cut it. So, then I looked at the 2.4 thinking that the V6 would pack more punch, but apparently, that is very similar to, if not slower than the 1.8. Then, on to the 3.0, which I would luuurv if it weren't for the low MPG and high running costs (unless I can be persuaded otherwise!!).

My budget will stretch to 15k - possibly up to 16-17k for my 'perfect' car!

I would appreciate any comments/recommendations from existing a4 cab owners!

Thank in advance,


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3.0 V6 I had was great on fuel low 30's regularly achieved and 35 on a run. Love the noise!! LN52 think it has a V6 PP now


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I have an Octy vRS 1.8T before my 1.8T cabriolet, and yes the Octy was faster but I don't have real problem with the cabriolet being a 1.8T

A load of people seem to dismiss the 1.8T in the cabriolet as its 'too slow' but I have no problems - especially with well over 350 miles to the tank. Cheap to run and insure too.
So try a 1.8T, a lot of people don't bother with the 2.4 as its quite an old engine and MPG isn't mean to be that good. 1.8T with a remap will yield well over 200bhp

If you can find a 2.5TDi or 2.0TDi then with fuel costs the way they are then they would be a good buy on both fuel and tax class.

Also, are you looking for a B6 or B7 model. You are not going to find a B7 model for that money I doubt!!!

Just incase you don't know the difference, the B7 has the slightly 'dropped' style headlamp and the big single frame grille.




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Hi everyone, thanks for your comments.

Low to mid 30s for a 3.0 V6 sounds amazing!! but then I guess you'd need to be driving very carefully to achieve that.

Looks as though I may try the 1.8T... remapping is a good idea (I like the sound of 200bhp!). Can that be done easily?

Re: B6-B7
Seems I was confused then... I'm trying to go for a 2005 model that has the brushed aluminium interior inserts, and the B7 said 2005 on so I guessed that was it, but I know the B7 model now. Thanks for clarifying.


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Hi, Ben
I only ever get high 20s to low 30s on a run usually no more than 21 mpg every day driving
full tank everyday driving get anywhere between 270 to 330 miles
once got 430 miles on a full tank going up to the Lake district most of the way with the cruise set at 80mph.
Usually use Tesco 99 ron petrol if thats makes any differance

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In my opinion the best thing you can do I go and drive them. Go to a dealer and test drive them, if they only let you drive one. Go to another dealer and drive another.

After testing the 1.8T I thought it was a little slow on acceleration (although having it remapped I believe makes a hell of a difference).

I then drove a 2.4, which seemed slightly better. I bought the 2.4 as it had all the extras I wanted at the right price. The best thing about the 2.4 is the noise, with the roof down it makes a lovely raw and acceleration seems smooth and constant. On the down side, fuel consumption was not great I would get on average 340 miles on a tank for 60L (that was just my driving style) I did manage as much as 370 and as little as 300. Also oil consumption was disappointing although it is normal for this engine, I needed to put ½L in every 1000 -1500 miles and long life oil is around £45 for 3L at Halfords.

Sadly I parted with my 2.4 after around 8 months. I wanted the 3.2FSI as it has the roar of the 2.4 but more power and comparable consumption, unfortunately there are few second hand models around and they fetch a good price.

My dealer convinced my to try a diesel, I was sure I’d hate it, I have driven A4 saloons with the 2L Diesel, yes there very refined and powerful, however at slow speed with the window down they still sound like a clakity transit van. Anyway I went and drove the 3.0 Diesel OMG! I put the roof down and the windows and then turned the key, It was quiet and smooth, the power from this engine was amazing. Even though it still didn’t produce the roar of V6 or V8 petrol It make a good noise. I was sold, If I had got the money I would have handed it over there and then.

Finally I bought the new 2.0TFSI special edition. The engine is faster and more efficient than the 2.4 I now get 350 – 420 per tank of 60L and little oil consumption. The car is fantastic and although the engine sounds no way near as nice as the 2.4, but the power, fuel economy and the extras bundled in made it worth the trade.


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Hi everyone, thanks for your comments.

Low to mid 30s for a 3.0 V6 sounds amazing!! but then I guess you'd need to be driving very carefully to achieve that.


Not at all same driving in a 2.0TFsi Quattro gets only 27! Our 3.0V6 was very economical and lazy to drive.

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