Which 2017+ UK models have Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)?


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Hi all, I'm trying to find out which, if any models have Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)?

The 2017+ vehicles I am looking for include Pre-Sense City and Cruise Control/ Speed Limiter - but I've seen no mention of ACC (which seems strange given there should be a sensor with the Pre-Sense City?)

(Incidentally, I know what all trim levels have Apple CarPlay/ Android Auto but very few ads specifically mention it)

If anyone knows if any trim levels include ACC, or what Audi specially call it as an add on (i.e. Driver Assistance Package) then I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance


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Everything on an Audi is an optional extra so unless someone paid for it it wont have it. I think normal cruise control is standard but ACC will be an upgrade.


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Had it on my 2017 S Line A5 Sportback. To get it I had to spec the DAP which included ACC, ALA and some other stuff as at the time it wasn’t available as a standalone option. If I remember correctly at the time it was only available on certain trim / engine combinations.

over the last year or so Audi have rationalised the number of options you can spec and now each model has a number of different trim levels with ACC typically being only available as part of the latest DAP option unless it’s one of the Vorsprung trimd which come with almost everything on them