Where is the best place for alloys


is loving his new A3
i am new to doing up my car

previous was a VW polo which was bought to get me to and from work, so no point in doing anything to it.

however now i have got the A3 i want to see what i can do to make it look better.
I have already decided to get the DIS added but i really want good set of alloys, probably 17".

Anyone got any suggestions or recommendations for me


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I can't really recommend the best place for wheels (i'm sure others can) but if you have a non s-line model with no sports kit added etc, don't go too over the top on the wheels.
You can never go wrong with some BBS rims. Classy & sporty without looking like you've put some rude boy wheels on your mums shopping wagon. Another obvious option is some nice Audi OEM wheels, RS4's RS6's etc etc. I'd definitely think about some 18's and just lowering it a touch.


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Personally I think 17's are a good choice for your car, as if you go any larger you will need to consider lowering the car otherwise, it will look like a Q7!!

I would stick with Audi style wheels as some of the aftermarket designs just don't work (unless you can afford BBS and the like).

One idea is to go for the genuine 5-spoke STAR alloys (my personal favourite 17" wheel). These always look good and many people change them for 18" RS4 or RS6's, so you can often find genuine wheels for sale on Ebay or in the classifieds of this forum.

If you don't mind non-Audi wheels, you can get RS4 or RS6 'copies' with tyres for under £400. I would have a read on this forum first though, as everybody has a view on Audi or non-Audi wheels and their merits.

Everybody has an opinion but it's you car. Just make sure you get the wheels you like and can afford.


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Good advice there... But just consider cheap wheels off ebay etc at under £400 including tyres are going to be far eastern made and soft metal which can be false economy if they need touching up every few months.