Where is it? What does it look like?


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All the talk of the not so mythical DPF has got me wondering what it looks like exactly and where it is located in the car?

Can anyone help?:wacko:


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AS far as I can see from the diagrams I have, it sits directly after the turbo. After this, the exhaust pipes go under the car to the regular silencers etc. It has several temperature senders attached, plus the lamda probe, plus a connection to the exhaust gas recirculation system. So to take a look, pull off the top engine cover and look for the exhaust manifold and then the turbo. Directly after that should be the DPF box in all its glory. Good luck.:yes:


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Here is a page from the ETKA parts catalogue showing the exhaust for my A3 Sportback 2.0TDI-170 with the DPF.