Where is everyone (S1)


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I live in Milton Keynes and since I got my S1 about 3 months ago I have only ever see one on the road and one at modified nationals in Peterborough. Is anyone in or around Milton Keynes area??


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Quite a few I know of actually - many of the owners report seeing S1's around there regularly!


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I have seen one other red S1 in Fife Scotland. One of the reasons I got one. I have a VXR Nurburgring at the moment and there are about 4 local. Very anoying!


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Quite a few I know of actually - many of the owners report seeing S1's around there regularly!

Hey josedebardi; thanks for your welcome on the A1 Forum, and I did try to reply only to be told that my reply was 'spam'?? And then I/it/they lost my Log-in details and so I gave up... But yes, it was a momentary decision (as explained elsewhere in the a1 Forum here on ASN) to let go of the A2 but it has gone to a good home; and we're mega happy with the A1 Black Edition - it certainly complements our RS3 and TT roadster, all three now DSG equipped... :yahoo:


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Im in nottingham,i have only seen two other s1's local too me and ive had mine for over a year now so pretty rare round here


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I'm driving down to Great Yarmouth Saturday morning from Milton Keynes so anyone that is out and about keep an eye out for me!


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Surprised you haven't seen mine, I live in Milton Keynes as well!



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Spent a couple of days in Glasgow last week, didn't see one S1. My only spot was on the way home - a blue S1 heading out of Inverness towards Beauly. I have seen a red, non-Quattro Pack S1 in Glasgow in the past.


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Still exclusive - according to How Many Left:
First Quarter of this year,1615 are licensed.