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Where have you run your iPod lead for head unit?

Moor Oct 30, 2012

  1. Moor

    Moor Member

    I'm going to be installing a dension igateway into my avant soon and I was wondering where other dension owners have run their cables? The obvious place is to have it coming out into the glovebox but I'm not sure it's the best place. I want to connect my iPhone and have it accessable, not for using in the car but for ensuring I don't forget to take it out of the car because I know I will forget to take it out if its not obvious.
    The top choice would probably in the ashtray but not sure if that's going to be in the way, the cubby hole behind the handbrake is another option but not sure putting a hole in it is a good idea.
    Any suggestions?
  2. swarcup

    swarcup Well-Known Member

    dont have one myself but i saw a member fit it to the front ashtray, he basically opened the ashtray and the connection was there to connect it up and it stood up leaning on the lid i think
  3. Artimus

    Artimus Shortback

    I had the same issue.. I need my phone to be accessible! but rather than go through the whole ashtray fitment rigmarole, I thought a more temporary measure would be good enough - just in case i decide on a different make mobile phone next year - my iPhone\iPod connection exits the dash at the drivers side knee panel and loops up to the iPhone sitting in a Brodit holder fitted to the R\H center vent.


    It hangs down beside my leg when not in use.


    Jobs a goodun I reckon. :thumbsup:
  4. Ian2012

    Ian2012 Active Member

    I fitted an X car link into the glovebox, and i pull the cable out when i need it, the box of tricks sits nicely down behind the radio and climate control, i thought about doing a neat jack point in the centre console but time went against me.
  5. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

  6. cookiesvw

    cookiesvw Member

    mine comes out under the arm rest in the tray there that way the lead and phone are facing the correct way to use if you have it coming out the ashtray it's got to have a loop of cable or the phone up the wrong way.
  7. benjie

    benjie Well-Known Member

    If you take the glovebox out, there is a pre-cut circle for the cable to run through, you just need to punch through. That's what I did and my ipod lives on the top shelf of my glovebox. Very easy to do.
  8. Moor

    Moor Member

    Thanks for all the replies, the glovebox is the perfect place for an iPod that stays in all the time as I can just forget about it but for an iPhone it's not right. There are far too many compromises putting it elsewhere, I will either have to cut holes where I don't want to or the phone will just be in the way so I think the way for me is to get a seperate iPod in the glovebox and just leave it there.
  9. Gazthesparky

    Gazthesparky Member VCDS Map User

    I wired in the aux port into my head u it and brought a phono to iPhone dock cable the one that fits into the charging point of the phone.

    I fitted the cable inside the arm rest.

    I took the lid off the arm rest and slid the red led out.

    Pulled the rear ash tray out , took the side trims off the arm rest leg then routed the cable through.

    I had to make a small slit underneath the led light to pass the cable through then put all the trim back on and that's it.

    This means that the iPhone lives in the arm rest out of way but within reach plus if I want to rove the cable there's no visible hole so all is good.
  10. StuG808

    StuG808 1.9tdi130 Avant FailWheelDrive

    Is there a cheap way of wiring an ipod to the RNSD? I don't mind if it doesnt recharge the ipod, but I hate the idea of spending over £100 to get it to work on a fancy-**** out of date Audi head unit whereas it was really easy on my **** old mazda with £60 head unit!
  11. Gazthesparky

    Gazthesparky Member VCDS Map User

    Yep the rnse will accept a simple aux in.

    It doesn't provide any info and no control of the iPod but it allows you to play music from an audio source into the rnse

    Once the connection is wired Into the back of the unit it simply needs coding to tell the rnse it's there.

    After that if you press the cd button it will click over to Aux so you can play music in

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