where do i stand?


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Jan 3, 2014
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i sent my car back to the the independent dealer i bought it from after waiting over 2 weeks to get my second key, they took the car of me for 3 and a half hours...eventually i get a phone call saying its ready to pick up. i get the car back and was told my car had also been valeted. it seemed odd, going in for a key and getting a valet done to it. (id rather clean my own car)

after taking the car away, i notice I've got a large gash out of my rear bumper, and all around the car. I'm furious....were the hell do i stand with this when i phone them tomorrow?
do research first are they a member of the good garage scheme, Is there photographs of the car when bought, Are they a reputable dealer, stay calm get the name of the people you speak with, keep a diary, times ,dates, what was said by whom, explanations given.
if things look bad
Inform trading standards, Write a letter to the garage, Trading standards and the good garage scheme, stating times Etc. Sounds long and drawn out but it works.
Be pleasant at all times.
good luck
you sure it happened there? once youve left Id say youre stuffed unless they are very decent. get back pronto and explain but be nice about it.
Did you go over the vehicle before handing it over? Like with a main dealer they do a visual check over the car and you sign to say you agree with the state of it...

You then do the exact same thing when picking up. If there is any difference in between then you tell them and they have to sort it.
i know how this feels. Handed my car in to get a respray on the passengers side door and when i went to pick up the car and I had a look over the car everything seemed to be in place. The next day I noticed that one of the wheels had been kerbed but by that time it was probably too late to go back and say anything. Luckily I had also booked my car in to get all the wheels refurbished anyway so it wasnt too much of a big deal but they didnt know that before respraying car!! So anyway a lesson worth learning and a travesty averted. Never check over a car in the dark is what I learned. Definitely worth pursuing through the garage or trading standards as previously said. Even mention them in conversation when speaking to the dealers and I am sure they will be obliged to help you