Where do I stand with my warranty?Advice please


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Mar 24, 2009
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East Ayrshire, Scotland
I bought my 06 plate A3 S-Line SE from a main dealer last february and it came with a years warranty that covered everything like all the approved used cars from Audi do. Now everything was fine up until ocober 09 when it started making a rumbling noise from the front offside when turning corners/roundabouts etc, really annoying at low speeds. Everbody that went in the car commented on it, so it was obvious tome that something was wrong.

So when it was serviced at the end of October I said to the service manager, could you check for this noise, and I expalined it to him. So they reported back, nothing wrong with you car Mr Steele.....I though, ok I must be hearing things....but I wasn't.

Unfortunately I don't have lots of tme to keep taking my car into get checked over, so again in January when it went for its cambelt and MOT I said again about the noise...."we can't hear anything Mr Steele, passed no problem, no noise" I thought what the hell!

Any way the warranty ran out on the 11th of February and on Monday there I took the car in as the noise was now so bad I thought something is going to break etc....guess what?

Yip..."thats your CV joint thats broken" the tech said.....brilliant!

I feel as though the were fobbing me of until it was out of warranty then decide to find it, now they want £240 to fix it!

I aint paying it and I was going to fight for it to be fixed under warranty as the techs never found it when I reported it last year.

Any body had any experience of this and what chance do you think I have of getting them to fix it for free?

Any help would be appreciated.

I think you should politley point out that you have raised this a number of times during the warranty period and they failed to identify/acknowledge the problem (you should have rammed it to them at the time though!) and that you expect them, out of good will, and in recognition of their failure to identify the problem, cover the costs of the repair.

Do you have any paperwork which details any attempts by their technicians to identify the problem? a diagnostic, test drive conclusion etc.? This will support your argument.

Good Luck
When asking for them to check for the noise, was this written down in a pre service report for the technicians to check? if so, there is your evidence

A conversation between two people will not stand unless they are a good firm and will stand by it.

However, I would kick off a fuss, express that you asked them to check for this noise on 2 previous occasions. If they are Audi approved, contact Audi UK

With hindsight though, you should have rammed the message home and if they came back to you with "there is no noise," you should have taken them a test drive and insisted that it be fixed.
Cheers guys, I will takeon board your thoughts. It was a main audi dealer, and it was written on the job sheet to be checked for and also on my bill from them that they checked and couldn't find or hear anything.

I am phoning the service manager on monday when he is back at work and I will sort soemthing out with him.

I could pay the £200 quoted for the job, but its the principal of thematter really....it should have been sorted ages ago.

Thanks again, Adam
Ye I wouldn't give up on it. I had a few problems with the warranty but persistancy pays off (I know it can be time consuming)! I think you should be able to get it done at Audi's cost.