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Once you start looking and looking it does your nut in but think ive seen a set i like.
inovit blitz 20" and a set of H&R lowering springs.
To get my 21" rotors refurbed and diamond cut and new tyres by that time is probably gonna cost same as this wheel and tyre package.
Have a few different options on colour and maybey get car wrapped black .
but hey ho here you go, just thought this was a bit of fun to look forward to for the summer.
Although id love to wrap black im probably gonna leave that as my mother is getting on in years and i plan to replace this car with a black or darker grey q7 in 18 - 24 months proving all is good and well with the world.

Anyway the funky site i used to give me 3d eyeball on the car dont deal with inovit but these are the nearest kinda wheels .
Its like the r8 y spoke wheels but they are staggered so i guess i would need to source 4 x front wheels and was proving a nightmare to do on a quattro. silver on silver resize.png black on black resize.png silver on black resize.png black on silver resize.png


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Ok im taking the plunge soon and remove my 21" rotors and going to order these 20" that seem to be a 8.5j et35.
any input welcomed and a proper tyre size would be helpfull as well.
Sorry if this is a lazy thread but i was ready to hit " buy it now " on a wheel and tyre package but "$hat it" as i dont want to make a wrong move.

what 20" combo you running ?? these wheels have a 10j option too but i feel thats too wide? or am i wrong

On a side note i dont want to cheap out on tyres but a budget set of landsail may do the summer as i am seeing great reviews and they are a decent price from halfords of all places for 275/30/20



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Although id love to wrap black im probably gonna leave that as my mother is getting on in years and i plan to replace this car with a black or darker grey q7 in 18 - 24 months proving all is good and well with the world.
So are you saying that you aren't going to wrap the car because your mother is likely to pass away soon and then you will be changing the vechicle ??


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No sorry , my jumbled sentencing under the influence a few weeks ago with the first post may have suggested a few different scenarios there lol, but what i meant was my mothers mobility in her 70s isnt getting any better so im thinking of going back towards another Q7 next after this A7 . probably sooner rather than later so as i have this plan in my head im not going to invest a few grand in wrapping the A7 black like i wish it was and therefore will not make wheel decisions based on a black car - ( subject to change) lol


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Parts have started arriving , awaiting H&R -35/-35 springs coming wednesday ish.
Got 20x8.5 inovit blitz black machined face
May have gone too low profile with the tyres with the looks of things and got 255/30/20 but ill try them out , hopefully they will puff out a bit when inflated , or looks vs ride will have to be the compromise lol.

When all parts are in i will do the job complete , probably next weekend but its a busy week with birthdays and mothers days etc.

ive got a few options and Got a bit of tyre logistics to do too!
1....I need to get the tyres off the 21" wheels probably sell them seperate as they are more a8 size ( 275/35/21 )
2.... remove the tpms valves to fit to new wheels
3.... get new tyres fitted to new wheels
4... sell

or just sell / or keep 21" rotors complete as a set ready to fit then get new tyres fitted to new rims with new valves.
dunno what to do.

anyway with a bit of playing about and measuring with spacers i may get near the stance of the blue audi in the pic
new wheels.jpg
low profile.jpg

ill keep posted once its all done


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To update this thread its been a bit of a stressful time so far and nothing seems to be happening fast (enough) this may seem far stretched but its honest series of events and have all email correspondence to prove my word.

Seller number1......One of the 4 wheels was damaged in a few ways as if someone has tried fitting it as the finish was scuffed, chipped and scratched plus there was evidence of scoring where the wheel bolts would have torqued down, it didnt help the wheel bolt box inside this wheel was opened and the bolts have probably caused most of the damage in transit , so this transaction is in the process of return ( just got courier uplift today) and hopefully see my money back soon.
I've been unlucky as the other 3 were untouched but didnt like the paint dimples left in the wheel finish. ( only on rim - not on face so a bit over critical maybey , but my heart sank and was put right off them.
Seller offered me a replacement wheel or swap for a different type so did everything so far to try and remedy the situation so fair dues so far..

At this point my 4 x new tyres to suit are here and waiting for a new set of wheels

Seller number2.........so i ordered and paid for same wheel in a different finish from another seller, 6 days pass and order still in process and no tracking info etc etc , after a cancellation request they eventually email and phone me offering a set of sniders at £100 less per wheel but i dont fancy them one bit so decline a few offers as my intended wheels were not going to be in stock for another '10-12 weeks' and brexit / covid excuses were entering the mix-- they might be valid but what a waste of time selling wheels on their website they do not have stock of........ Got my credit for these wheels back today thank goodness

seller number3........ Hopefully 3rd time lucky, a tuning website rather than a tyre and exhaust middle man and have good provenance ( ive seen there livery on cars at shows) claiming to be online for 15 years and jr wheels top eu and uk dealer among other accolades.
They have in depth advised me from start to finish for wheel width / offset for my car and tyres ( allowable to go to 35 profile if i need to next tyre change) and sent pictures of what my setup will look like on my model with same suspension setup h and r -35/-35
A dearer wheel but quite excited now but as its a custom drilled and offset wheel it will take at least 14 days ( still waiting on my springs to arrive from germany anyway - it was today they were meant to arrive)

its probably a bit lower than i was thinking but hey ho ill give it a go and get the springs swapped out if its not to my liking.

to be concluded..............................


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Going in the right direction
another week passes.
Springs arrived - may tackle them Sunday but reluctant to drop it so much on the 21 wheels with big tyres until my wheels arrive.
Got all my 2 x refunds for wheels outlay so far
just awaiting patiently for my new wheels
Hopefully be seeing the final results soon



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OMG apart from the wheel /tyre incompatibility i feel everyones out to shaft me today.
ive contacted supplier to give them a chance of rectifying the situation. probably need to wait till monday see what they say
You try do something a little different and it can open a can of unlucky worms.
Reluctant to buy another set of tyres incase wheels are not right as im measuring 11" but i may be novice missing ( or adding on the rim flare) something
Went to national chain tyre fitter anyway to get thoughts and or solutions he wanted to sell me 1400 quid worth of tyres - i must look wealthy or something i am getting this constant just now.??

im considering getting my rotors refurbed and new tyres if this doesnt see an end soon.

So if you have read the thread i have 255/30/20 tyres as i was going for an 8.5 wheel and had a couple hiccups with quality control and supply /
3rd attempt here now i was advised or upsold a 10 inch wheel for my chassis and that my tyres would fit flush but is the minimum size allowed on this wheel. I agreed to a custom offset wheel to be made again to my car / chassis / lowering and tyre size
3 weeks pass and i receive wheels last night NICE!

I drop them off at tyre fitter and go off to do some jobs of my own.
Return and collect to think WTF is this !!!
Another story but.......I was unhappy the tyre fitter resumed after wheel number one to go on and complete the set and have his hand out for the money instead of realising something was not right and call me or wait till i got back.

The pictures can hopefully do the talking but its hard to get a good picture angle of how dangerous and ready for some damage they are to the naked eye.

need to keep the blacked out rotors for now but they have been screaming for a change

What does anyone think about the measurement ?


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You don’t seem to have much luck with wheels and tires.....

I’m not sure what it is you’re trying to achieve with the tires/wheels, but I’m running 20” OEM alloys (custom painted in black) and the standard tire size is 265/35/20 so it seems to me that going 255 is too narrow a width tire, which is what your pictures are showing. I also think your running a too low-profile sidewall tire for a 20” rim

Ive always gone by a general rule that you shouldn’t increase or decrease the overall diameter of the tire/wheel combination since any deviation will result in an over/under reading speedometer.

For example I run a set of 19” winter alloys, with a set of 265/40/19 tires. My summer set are 20” alloys, with a set of 265/35/20 tires. Different alloy and tire sizes, but actually the same overall diameter.

I don’t run 21” alloys because those need a 30 sidewall profile tire to maintain the correct diameter, which imho is too narrow for a comfortable ride on British potholes roads!

The standard alloy size is 9J 20 ET37

There is a good explanation of alloy wheel sizes here

Good luck! :racer: