Wheels - refurbishment


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During A3 ownership some years ago I managed to run over a kerb and dent the rim of two wheels. I replaced them, but gave refurbishment a try myself.

They've been sitting in my shed for the last 6 years - one finished, and the other just needs a coat of paint. I haven't the heart to throw them out before asking whether anyone wanted them - as a replacement or for a full sized spare.



Neither were / are cracked or buckled, but I can't say whether the damage was more than would normally be repaired. However, if anyone would be interested, and can collect from Bedfordshire, I'll finish the other one off and be quite happy for them to be taken off my hands.

I also have a part used tyre (about 5mm left), but it has been sitting in the shed for 6 years and I am sure rubber has a shelf life, but happy for someone to take that as well.


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Out of interest what filler did you use? I fancy doing a DIY refurb on mine when i get the time


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I used this stuff (or something similar):

Halfords | Loctite Repair Express Power Putty

It is in two parts that you kneed together and apply. Very hard once set (10-15 minutes), so don't put too much on as it will take some time to work down again. I used a Dremel and then wet and dry. Overlap slightly, to get a smooth transition. But IIRC, I had to use the primer to get that right.


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If you can arrange it, sure. If you search for alloy wheel postage costs there seems to be a good couple of alloy wheel couriers. About £15 for a wheel, it seems.


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I can sort it for £10. PM me.


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240 for the filler / primer initially and then down to 1200 - using very gentle pressure by the end.