Wheels for A4 B8 Avant quattro


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Afternoon guys,

I posted in the A4 section about this but not much joy so far.

Just bought a 2012 A4 with Rotor wheels. They're looking a bit shoddy, so its the dilemma - refurb, or new wheels?

These look pretty nice, and should be OEM quality. http://www.cmwheels.com/index.php?route=product/product&filter_name=rs4&product_id=908

I have used the company before and the service was great.

From what I gather, the wheels may stick out just a touch more than the original wheels. I can live with that.

I like the RS6 wheels as well, but not sure they'll look quite right on an A4? Its Ibis white by the way.
Any thoughts welcome.

I prefer to keep things looking Audi, so i'll only go for Audi copies.


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I'm also wondering, would 20" upset the ride? They are 9" wide, so 0.5" wider than my standard wheels (I think!).

My tyre size is 255, so my standard wheels i'm guessing are 8.5 or 8" wide.