Wheels and lowering


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Looking to see what my car would potentially look like with 50mm lowered and Gold Helios alloys?




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Don't forget an s-line will only actually drop by about 25mm if you buy 45mm springs, also the cab is quite a bit heavier than the saloon so choice is a bit more limited.


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I need to work on my photo editing but....

You forgot the spoiler Dieseljake!


Wise old man says: Never ask someone to photo shop your car, you will get some clever d**ks trying to be funny ;)

Hope you can take this in good humour


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haha get the pink eyelashes on and also some of those door lights that project an audi lights on floor...

appreciate the photoshop.. if i squint i can sort of blur out the other stuff plus wheels haha

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ride height looks good, but forget those wheels in gold, its just wrong mate, they look too much lik a subaru on a bad day...:eek:, nice wheels but in any other colour, graphite /black/silver etc but not gold.
just my input..


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I had visions of it looking good... but tbh im not so sure.. the helios are nice.. but the gold is maybe not great.. did google searches of silver/gold combo and wasnt set but wanted to see what it could look like..

bored of silver on silver.


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Bentleys are nice.. but not my cup of tea when it comes to alloys...


have fallen in love with this tbh... BBS CK? i think...

only p[ain is getting lowering springs to go with the s-line model.. everything i see is non-sline so is only dropping it an extra 10-20?

trying to work out what springs would be best to get it tucked with 18's...


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My thoughts exactly... but just want to lower it.. trying to work out best way of bringing it down i.e. best coilovers for my budget?

Also i've never done this before.. so trying to learn all about it haha.
looking at demontweeks and the variety of coilover kits, suspension kits etc is making me all confused


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I got JOM coilovers, cheap to buy, they don't ride too bad a bit firmer compared to stock but they go low.


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What is your budget ?

Can be very confusing looking at all the brands and finding the right ones for your specific car.
I think that Avant and cabrio coils are the same - saloon kits don't have to compensate for the rear weight. That's what I was told once anyway.

I had FK cheapo coils on for a few months before I fitted the Air suspension and tbh, they rode quite nice compared to the S-line suspension. With coilovers you have the option of deciding how low you can reasonably get away with too.