Wheel/tyre Size A4 Avant (b8)


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Hi all,

First post here so hello, and sorry if this is in the wrong section!

I have recently bought a second hand A4 Avant (2.0 TFSI SE, manufactured 12/08). I do a fair bit of driving in Europe in the winter and am looking at fitting winter tyres to it. All previous cars I've owned have specified the wheel/tyre sizes for the car in the manual or other paperwork, but as far as I can see Audi (p254 of the owners manual) say you have to consult the EU certificate of conformity (for which they want the princely sum of €60) to see what is type-approved.

Does anyone know where I can find what wheel sizes are approved by Audi for this model? Is there any source of this info other than the cert of conformity? The reason this question is so specific is that my insurer is fine with winter tyres provided they are of a type permitted by the manufacturer.




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Thanks - from past experience I know not to trust that route. Sadly there's a difference between what Audi has approved for the vehicle and what actually fits/what a tyre fitter will say fits. It's the former that I'm trying to get to the bottom of, ideally without paying for the cert of conformity.


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I know the place I go has a data list that they check for the correct size

they do a lot of audis mercs etc.