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Wheel & tyre options: OEM or aftermarket copies?

warren_S5 Jul 3, 2009

  1. warren_S5

    warren_S5 Moderator Moderator VCDS Map User

    I've never been the worlds biggest fan of the early Mk2 S3 alloys, but that said I'm not a huge fan of the latest version of wheel either.

    I was perusing the alloy wheel manufacturers tonight and looking at BBS's, Team Dynamics, OZ's etc., and the BBS's were the only wheels that retained some kind of German 'Audi-esque' look about them (which I am aiming to hold on to). As the car is grey it just won't carry off blacks / anthracites as it's just too conservative. Silver / polished appears the only route.

    I then had a quick look at replica's (RS6 new style / RS4 B7 style / R8 style), and with tyres they are under a grand on 19's.

    I'm all too aware that the OEM wheels won't win any awards for lightness, but are the aftermarket ones any worse? Are they likely to be any more detrimental to handling as they may be poorly cast / badly balanced? Is anyone running copies on here, and if so did you notice any side effects?
  2. dunk

    dunk Member

    my 18" rs6 reps are lighter than the oem ones - ive had lots of cheap wheels and apart from being soft and easily bent, they are usually cheap, round, similar weight and easy to balance so no particular worries

    if you can reduce unsprung weight by a significant chunk then there may be a handling advantage, but 19's with less side wall is going to spoil the ride and handling compared to 18s anyway. if you reduce the unsprung weight a lot then the suspension would be set for a heavier wheel and would be effectively stiffer than intended, so adjustable dampers would be the way to go.

    if its looks that are a priority, then a good set of 19 reps that dont weigh much more than the oem 24-27lb sort of weight sounds like it should work well, but you could do with going to 235/35/19 or even 245/35/19 to increase the sidewall height as long as you can get a set with a high enough offset assuming they are 8x19

    245/35/19 however are +2.8% radius (3% is generally thought to be the max error) and the tyres are expensive, but the sidewall is only slightly smaller than the 225/40/18 fitting. it should fit on an et50 8x19 but its highly likely to rub the arches (particularly the rear) at et45. 235 tyres will fit on et45 offset wheels (18 or 19) without catching the arches but you lose quite a bit of sidewall.

    unfortunately almost all reps are et45 in 18" or 19" but there are some great quality very light rims at 18" or 19" et50 in castflow and forged but most of them make the bbs rims seem cheap....
    have a look at http://www.golfmk5.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1746774

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