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Wheel Speed Monitoring

norris_309 Jul 31, 2020

  1. norris_309

    norris_309 Registered User

    Hi all,
    In my quest to solve this intermittent abs/esp/god knows what issue with my b6, i'm suspecting it may be an abs sensor issue.. (among potentially other things)

    Now my question, do any of you know if there is a free/cheap way to monitor the wheel speed via the sensors to give me something to go on or rule out?

    I don't really want to go down the route/cost of getting a garage to drive my car around with a laptop just to say it's fine & then take my money.

    I may be totally off with this but does the Lite version of vcds display that information? and would i just need to buy a cable? or am i hoping for too much.

    My other more labour intensive idea is take off all the wheels & see if there are any visible signs on any of the sensors.... but having never looked at them before I'm assuming I'd need to take disks off to inspect them properly?

    Thanks for any info, cheers
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  3. pauldazzle

    pauldazzle Registered User

    I have a 3rd party cable & a registered copy of VCDS ($99 on Ross Tech site) which I've had for about 10 years without any problems. Saved me a small fortune.:thumbs up:
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  4. Nitro182

    Nitro182 Registered User

    Just invest in a cable , unlimited VIN's for around £200
  5. norris_309

    norris_309 Registered User

    Is this the VCDS lite for $99? does that do live monitoring of wheel speed?abs sensors? and would that prime a fuel pump on a 2011 a3 tdi? assuming i got a ebay cable that works!

    I've had a look on the rosstech site & looks like you can buy it for $199 but limited to 3 VINs, although they have said more basic stuff (not sure what that limits you too!?) can be used on unlimited vins, but the full functionality is limited to 3vins, i currently have an A4 & A3 so it'd be fine, but what happens when you change cars & have used your 3vins.. can you change it to another vin? (vcds support didn't really answer that question so i'm guessing not)

    The 10 vin option is $299

    I don't really want it for anything major, but the live monitoring of wheel speed on the a4, and also now i have a 2011 a3 it seems you need vcds to prime a fuel filter!.. so would want it to do that too.

    Is there any scanning tool that would work well on vag & renault & bmw mini? if I can find something that will to the above & also wind back renault brake calipers then that would be good.. am i asking too much lol

    Ahh, just seen, vcds lite, it's for pre-2006 so wouldn't work on my a3.. ******
  6. stevey83

    stevey83 Registered User

    What country are you in?
  7. norris_309

    norris_309 Registered User

    Uk mate, whys that.
    I've been driving it around a bit recently & after changing the steering angle sensor & prodding the brake reservior switch/putting a tablespoon of fluid in it's not given me any problems??!!

    Touch wood!

    Got to book an MOT in the next couple of weeks

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