Wheel Spacer rubbing advise


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Hi guys. So I’ve had 15mm wheel spacers front and back on my B8 RS4 with 20inch wheels as standard for couple weeks.
Today I’ve had new coil overs installed as my drc failed and the ride height was slightly lowered as well in the process sitting nicely.

This has now caused some rubbing mainly on the passenger side front and back when going over speed bumps or a sharp turn.

Would it best to just remove the spacers all together given I can’t stand the rubbing noise or is there a suggestion to what size may work to replace the 15mm



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Adjust the coils if it was ok before.

Also depends on the wheel ofset tbh, plus they're 20's, if the cars fine with no spacers, then remove, simples, as lowest you can really go hub centric is 10 & will the 5mm help, depends on your pocket & if you want to mess about testing, your bag.


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I decided to remove them last night instead of messing about with smaller sizes etc. Did the job - no rubbing anymore. Still looks okay after new pilot sport 4s tyres went on