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Wheel sizes

Joeyenz Jul 19, 2018

  1. Joeyenz

    Joeyenz Registered User

    Hi all, just about to get my first c5 (2.5 allroad) after a load of b7's, are many parts interchangable from the 2 or are they completely different in design? Are the wheels the same rolling radius and offset?

    Basically I have parted a couple of b7's out (as well as one on the drive at the moment) and have a load of spares knocking about now including tons of wheels and tyres, I have had a trawl through google and as usual when talking tyres cannot find any decisive answer.

    Any thoughts appereciated!
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  3. Alex jb

    Alex jb Registered User

    The 112 x 5 pcd of wheels is the same but the offsets may be different.
    My 17’s are an ET46, I believe the ET on the A4 is less so they would fill out the arches some more
  4. All-rod

    All-rod Member Bronze Supporter

    Allroad wheels are 25 offset, standard 225x55x17 tyres on a 17" rims. You can go as much as 19" with say 40 profile tyres. With 26 offset wheels and 235 wide tyres I had to use a 10mm spacer. This nicely brought them out closer to arches as a result as well. if you want to use newer wheels with 66.6 bore just need hubcentric spacer made.

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