Wheel sizes for facelift saloon


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in the UK the saloon can have the staggered wheel set up as follows:

Front ET 46 with an 8.5 wheel with 255/30/19 tyres
Rear ET42 with an 8.0 wheel with 235/35/19 tyres

Has anyone gone for bigger wheels like 20s or other sizes of wheel or tyre and have any advice on how well they fit?


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I’m going 245/30/20 all round just trying to find out right offset for 8.5/20’s. Miltek Saloon is running these size wheels but guy didn’t know offset off the top of his head so he gave me his email.


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Rather than make a new thread I thought I’d jump on the back of this one...

Anyone with a saloon and optional alloys (staggered ones), do the alloys front and rear sit an equal distance in from the arches? Or do the fronts come out closer to being flush because they are wider?

I’m looking at spacers and wondering if, for example, the front would need to be say 10mm and the rear 15mm to get an equal look