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  1. who-sijones

    who-sijones New Member

    Anyone good with wheel sizes on here?
    S3 8p 3 door with 225 35 19 tyres on. My wheels are 19" et 35 8.5J.

    Just put the rear back to standard height and I'm still rubbing now and then.

    What can I do/what's cost effective to stop?

    I've removed the wheel arch screw too.


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  3. nluk100

    nluk100 Well-Known Member

    ET35 is too low for the S3 - ideal offset is ET43.

    Either you can change the camber on the rear to tuck them under your arches or roll the arches (or swap out your alloys - what made you choose ET35?).
  4. who-sijones

    who-sijones New Member

    Coincidentally I'm going to get tracking and wheel balancing done this week, I'll ask if they can add a small bit of camber as it's only just catching. I've read that the rears can be easily adjusted.

    It was a mistake, the guy said he wasn't sure but thinks 45. I didn't even check when I got them .

    I hoped going back to standard height would fix it, it's helped but it's still there.

    If not I'll just have to try and sell the wheels or swap them.

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  5. Sayam

    Sayam Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Wouldn't going to a factory spring from a lower one will mean a less stiff spring, which will deflect more and may make rubbing worse?

    As others have said you can change the alloys, add some camber and another option would be to get an engineering company to mill up to 5mm off the rear of the wheel, increasing the offset. Depending on the wheels I don't think it's advisable to remove more than 5mm. Someone who knows more about engineering and mechanics will be able to advise.

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