Wheel Refurb - can anyone recommend a filler to use?


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Jul 25, 2012
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Newport, South Wales
Hey guys,

As in the title, im going to attempt refurbishing some pretty nasty curbing on my alloys ready for plasti-dipping all around, just wondering if anyone can recommend a filler to use?

Planning on it eventually, but its like £200 for professional refurb or £10 for now before i plasti-dip them
If they are scuffed you should be able sand most of the damage out. Use chemical metal for deeper damage and a skim of filler for the minor damage
I've done in the past.. DIY refurbs are kinda pointless and I hate doing them, unless you have the correct environment and tools.. its worth spending the extra.

I used chemical metal after getting rid of most of the nasty damage with a dremel and lots of sanding. Got an almost floorless finish in its primed state but not having the right painting environment, the final finish was rubbish.

Dont forget to get wheels re-balanced.. putting loads of filler on the face will add weight to wheel in wrong place.
Thanks for all the replies and advice guys,

To be honest its not that bad, its a bit of scuffing, just want it tidied up before i plasti-dip.

Going to completely clean the car too if the weathers nice, mate has a decent camera so will post back with pics and results...