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I am looking at changing my standard 18" S-line alloys to some OEM Audi TT 19" ones. I have the dimensions for the new wheels but I'd like to confirm they fit before I purchase. The said wheel dimensions are:

Offset – 52

Width – 9J

Stud pattern – 5 x 112

They were fitted with 255/35/R19 tyres but these have been removed. I believe the standard offset is ET44 and they run on 235 width tyres. So the question I am looking to have answered is will these wheels fit without hassle or rubbing issues.

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The offset is 8mm more, therefore the wheels will sit 8mm closer to the centre of the car (i.e. further under the arches). This will have 3 effects:

1 - The track of your car will be 16mm narrower, which may slightly affect handling, although the 1" wider wheels will reduce the effect of this. Also, the visual effect will be (in my opinion) reduced due to the wheels being further under the car.

2 - Due to the closer offset, there is a danger that the wheels will foul the brake calipers.

3 - As a result of the wider (and bigger) wheels, as well as the closer offset, there is a very high chance that the tyres will foul the wheel-arch liners.

I think the effect of all 3 of the above could be reduced (or completely removed) if you fitted an 8mm spacer to each wheel. Make sure they are hubcentric though, to avoid vibration.


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I think the effect of all 3 of the above could be reduced (or completely removed) if you fitted an 8mm spacer to each wheel. Make sure they are hubcentric though, to avoid vibration.

Yeah fit a set of spacers and you'll be fine. 8mm spacers don't really need to be hubcentric, though if you can, it's worth hunting some down as it will help the wheel sit properly as per on the standard hub.

I'd fit a 10 or 12mm spacer all round to push the wheels out a touch, which will look better (especially if the car is lowered), giving a wider stance.


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I'll try and make things a little clearer, ( or murkier lol) with some figures.

9" wheels gain an extra 12mm each side of the rim, so if they were the same offset as the wheels coming off then the wheels would sit 12mm further in to the center of the car and 12mm further out aswell.

The higher the offset, the more they move in to the centerline of the car so an et52 gains 8mm over an et44, hence the wheels will sit in by 20mm in total (8mm+12mm).

also, the opposite happens on the outer edge of the wheel, 12mm wider, minus the 8mm offset difference means the wheels sit further out by 4mm.

so, if you were to fit the wheels as they are without spacers then they would sit further out by 4mm, thereby widening the track and they would also sit further in by 20mm.

if it were my car and wheels i would certainly try the wheels on without spacers first and see how you go, by adding an 8-10mm spacer you will gain clearance on the inner arch but will run a lot closer to the outer arch, ie 4mm+_8mm = 12mm more with 8mm spacer, have a look at your current set up, do you think you could add 12mm to the outer edge of your wheels without clearance problems??.

Sorry for the long post but i've been playing with wheel sizes for over 10 years now on all my cars and most of the time you need to work it out on paper to get your figures first, then look at the car and see if those figures will work!!, time and effort are involved, nothings ever easy LOL, good luck and get some pics up when you throw em on.

pm me if you need any clarification, i'll help where i can
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Thanks Bugwhizz, great way to look at it. Had my fingers burned in the past with buying wheels 'that would fit' only to find they diddn't, unless I ran streached tyres (A No No in my book).

Bought some second hand wheels over the weekend, Slightly different to the norm. Got them home on Saturday, but after closer inspection this morning I found two of them are like 50 pence peices on the rear of the rim, I was so involved in the offset and front rim I never inspected the rears. Hopefully get in touch with the seller and get a refund in the morning. These were 5x112 8J ET35, which I thought would be too wide at the front but the seller (wheel dealer) assured me that these were fine using 235/35/19 tyres, even to the extent of trying the rim on the car. Pity really as they looked so fresh. I'll post some pic's up tomorrow.