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  1. RyanM

    RyanM New Member

    Hi guys Im currently in the process of getting new wheels for my Audi A4 2016 B9 1.4 tfsi and I have been offered a set of wheels that was for an a5 and the wheel sizes are 20x9j et 25 255x30r20, does anyone know if these will fit straight onto my car ?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. S19 MYD

    S19 MYD Member Team Daytona Team V6 Team Navarra Audi S4 Audi Avant Owner Group Audi Q7

    20s are a big jump, I’d be worried about ride, handling and rubbing the arches. My 19s with slightly lowered suspension are close enough for my liking.

    Also check the centre bore.

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