Wheel help...


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I am after a set of 19 inch alloys, but I’d settle for 18’s for the right price...



I want them painted like the top picture so I’d buy them in any condition and get them refurbed,

I’m dead set after these specific wheels in 19 inch, can anyone confirm that the offset won’t be too wide for my S3 8P?
I have 15mm or 20mm spacers on the back (can’t remember exact size) which I’d happily take out if the offset would be too much.

I’m also planning on getting coilovers in the near future so if the offset is going to be too much I’d rather know now than find out the expensive way and lose my dream wheels...

Has anyone else put those wheels on an 8P S3? Or wheels the exact same size who can comment on the ride?

Cheers lads

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