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wheel fitment

Sigurd Oct 6, 2018

  1. Sigurd

    Sigurd New Member

    I'm a newbie and I'm already in the mire !
    My recently purchased 2008 2.o Roadster is fitted with 17" wheels. I've purchased some used genuine 18" 7 spoke wheels with tyres and they don't fit. The hub is a tiny bit too big for the wheel.
    I thought that I did all my homework - 18" 5x112 et 52's will replace 17" 5x112 et 47's - except they don't.
    Anyone any ideas ?
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  3. 1wheelonly

    1wheelonly cabriolet VCDS Map User

    They do !!
    They can’t be genuine alloys, the hub centre must be 57.1

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  4. Sigurd

    Sigurd New Member

    Made in Austria and seem to have all the correct wheel markings. Visibly excellent quality too !
    Here's the thing, I decided to have a go myself last night instead of getting Kwik Fit to do it (arthritis, old age et. makes me a wearisome mechanic nowadays) and the rear wheel went straight on. The front was a different story though but I only tried one wheel and gave up 'cos I was knackered and fed up of grovelling around in a limited space with the car just high enough off the deck to get the wheel off.
    I'm off to National Tyres this morning to get them to try and fit the new rear wheel that's now on, onto the front.
    All will be revealed !If it doesn't fit there will be a great scratching of heads and a possible visit to Preston Audi as they have serviced it for all of its life.
  5. 45bvtc

    45bvtc Well-Known Member Supporter Team Cornflower Blue Gold Supporter Team Sahara Silver SQ5 owners group Team Sepang Audi RS3 Audi TT

    Check here, Sigurd: https://www.wheel-size.com/size/audi/tt/

    TT wheels 1.JPG TT wheels.JPG

    As 1wheelonly rightly says "the hub centre must be 57.1mm bore diameter."
  6. Sigurd

    Sigurd New Member

    Closer inspection revealed two of the four were made by Fundal, the other two (which were a perfect fit) simply had made in Austria stamped on them.
    The Fundals could be force fitted but both the National Tyre guys and I were not happy with that. They ground a tiny bit off the bore and they fitted.
    I reckon they may have possibly fitted on the back without grinding - we only tried them on the front.The wheels definitely came off a mk 2 TT.
    There's a lesson in there somewhere.
    Next time the sun shines I'll take some pics and post them.

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