Help Please Wheel fitment Audi A4 B8.5 Facelift


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Can anyone give me an estimation how far will the wheels stick out? I bought some XXR559s for my A4 B8.5, with the size of 19 x 8.5 ET20, will that stick out and rub on the fenders? thanks! or can anyone with a similar fitment show me how yours/ theirs look like?


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That’s equivalent running a 23mm spacer with the standard 19”s. I had clearance issues with 10mm spacers on the rear so I can’t see how you can make them work, and I don’t think you’ll find pics of anyone running a similar offset


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That offset would suit my Allroad better, only around 12.4mm poke than standard on my arches.
Like the rim style, got me interested now :yes:


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I have just fitted 20” 9J ET 35 To my Avant and I wouldn’t like to go
Much more, any more and it would look like a roller skate.

Could poss get away with ET30 but might need abit of a stretched tyre.

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Look at different tyre structures. Some are more rounded in cross section than others and this may help if clearances are tight!


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I run a 19x8.5 ET42 and 255 35 19 tyres (Michelin PS4S's) with 15mm spacers all round thus lowering the offset to ET27 and no rubbing.


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you may be ok with 2 degree of camber on the back and a slightly stretched tyre :) plenty of 10j et 35s (with stretch) on the b8 platform, i imagine the width difference that there is only a few mm in it between what you bought and the mentioned fit.
There is a fab 'official b8 wheel thread' on audi zine, something like 100 pages of everyone uploading what tyres and wheel specs they have, i would google that and trawl through to find one that matches your fit.

as well as having 10j et 35 on my old one, I did run 20mm spacers with the et 43 8.5 wheels (making et 23) and reckon i could of had a few more mm with a bit of stretch so I am optimistic with yours.