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Wheel Choice

Razor344 Jul 17, 2015

  1. Razor344

    Razor344 Registered User

    not sure where to post this. move if needed

    I have a 2011 A4 estate in white, with standard factory 17 inch alloys.

    im looking changing to some thing a little more appealing.

    would love a set of rotors but after doing a lot of asking around most of the alloy wheel garages ive spoken to dont think much of the quality of them and advise going for genuine ones, but at £1500 a set thats not an option.

    However, what do people think of these (pic below), 18 x 8 with a set of 245/40/15's, there TUV approved which i think is good, isnt it ??

    Model: DRC DRS Alloy Wheels
    ET: 45
    PCD: 112x5
    Dimensions: 8x18"
    Finishes: Gunmetal
    Construction: One-piece, Cast

    drc drs wheel.jpg

    also thinking of maybe a 1 - 2 inch drop front and rear,depends what it looks like with new rims

    thanks for any guidance in advance
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  3. ScottishA4B9

    ScottishA4B9 Registered User

    If you have abit of time mate, buy your rotors from eBay. I bought genuine ones, one at a time when they came up on there for a good price.
  4. Razor344

    Razor344 Registered User

    Yeah I've though of this. But still might end up at silly money

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