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Wheel Centres question

rafletcher Jun 30, 2020

  1. rafletcher

    rafletcher Active Member

    Right, I have a set of winter wheels which I had with my A4, so they have a 66.5mm spigot diameter, and a 60mm diameter hole for the 5-arm centre caps to clip into. I've fitted 57.1mm spigot rings so wheels fit the S3.

    I'm pondering doing a stud and nut conversion, and for that it's likely the 5-arm star centre wont fit, as the studs are 10mm longer than the OEM bolts. (of course, fitting a 10mm spacer would solve this!). So I started looking for standard disc type centres (that I have on my S3 summer wheels, which have a smaller 50mm'ish hole) that would fit the larger hole on the winters. So far, no success. I did buy a set (for £6.99 delivered!) that promised a 60mm ring similar to the star ones, but no good, they are a good 2mm too small.

    I could probably use tape (duct, double sided foam, paint shop masking tape etc.) to build up the hole to reduce the ID and make the ones I have fit, but it'd be nice if the correct size centres were available. Anyone know if thats the case?

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