Wheel Centre Cap Help!


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Hi guys

My dads A4 Convertible had its centre caps stolen last night from his wheels.
The wheels are 6 spoke 8e0601 025J I know the part number for them is 8E0601165A 7ZJ
But with him a distance away to save me a 150mile round trip does anyone have these centre caps the could measure and let me know inner and outer diameter ?
He's not too stead with his hands and has tried to measure them on the car, As we are going to order non original ones due to the costs as he will be trading the car in next year for a newer one.

he reckons inner is 58mm and outer is 155mm?

I have attached photo of the wheel and centre cap and what we were going to buy as replacement if anyone could find it in their very good will to assist me I would be eternally grateful :blush:



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Hi , thonse wheels youve linked on the left are Mk1 TT Ronals which wouldnt fit on any A4, so doubt its them! Just for a heads up for anyone measuring them!


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Centre caps look the same as the B5 16" wheels too.. and old RS4 ones and TT ones.. lots of different variants with these depending on wheel.. eBay is your best bet as said.