Wheel bearings or cv?


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Got a low vibrating hum going on which gets louder when turning to the right. I'm sure it has to be a wheel bearing or a cv, not sure which though.

When I turn around to the right slowly in a say a car park I can't hear any ticking or clonking which makes me think it could be a wheel bearing.

Any body experienced this symptom and what was the fix?

Cars a a4 2.5tdi quattro

Thanks in advance


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I'd say wheel bearing.
Changed the passenger side last year as I had a droning noise every time I turned right.
It was especially noisy when turning on a fast bend and all the weight was shifted to the other side.


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Would also say wheel bearing, had a similar problem with an A6, drivers side bearing was fecked and the other was not looking great so replaced both.


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Wheel bearing


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Fixed the rumble as was correctly diagnosised wheel bearing it was, thanks for the replies lads.

Those bearing bolt retainers were stubborn to say the least, thankfully I have oxy/acetylene handy as the bolts needed some persuading.