Wheel Bearing help


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Trying to change my wheel bearing.
I’ve removed all the bolts from the back and sprayed around the bearing with rust/seized fluid to try and make it easier, whilst hitting it with a punch and the ****** thing won’t budge.
Anyone got advice/tricks to get this thing to move?

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So the bearing definitely needed doing for confirmation.
I’ve got the hub off, but the bearing or casing is still attached

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So today was a successful day.
After a lot of hammering a chisel around the edges between the bearing and steering knuckle, then putting anti-seize in the same areas.
Then repeated the same sequence again, i finally got the bearing separated from the knuckle.


I gave the steering knuckle face a bit of a clean, the best i could with my bashed in hand from the 5lb lump hammer.
I then hydraulic pressed the new bearing together with the wheel hub.


After a bit of jiggery pokery i got the bearing and hub back on the steering knuckle.


Got my wheel back on and drove home


Having had a dodgy bearing for quite a while and sounding like i was being followed by a chinook whilst driving.
I forgot how quiet it was to drive my car apart from the grumble of my diesel lump, it was bliss.
Now that annoying problem is sorted, i need to save my pennies for a remap and some new wheels from my to do list. :yahoo::moneywings:


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It's one of those jobs (done it a few times myself over the years) where a Land Rover tool kit (a good selection of hammers) is useful.......... :whistle2: