Wheel Alignement Quattro?


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Hello, I have a 2005 A3 TFSI Quattro and have just purchased a set of genuine 18" S-Line alloys....my car currently has 17" wheels, will I need to have the wheels re-aligned when the 18's are fitted??...


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^^^ Why is that?

Surely you align the car with the wheels that it will be sat on?:uhm:


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the original wheels must be fitted to set it up

No, get the car aligned with the wheels you are going to use not that it should make much difference....

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I had 4 new tyres fitted by audi , they did a beissbarth on the car (4 wheel alignment)
The dealer said it had to be done each time wheels or tyres where changed ..... £100 for 4 wheels


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And make sure they use the correct settings/measurements for your model/trim level... i.e. specifically 'Standard', 'Sport', 's-line', etc etc.
They chose the wrong one for mine and it caused heavier steering and pulling to one side.

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because the camber and toe must be set to pr code using the oem wheels and correct tyre size

if you wish to alter the wheel's then your altering basic set up of the vehicle

you do it like that if your doing it correctly

if you take a standard set up and alter to s line there will be a drop on the suspension etc which effects the geometry

basics this, the car has been designed with pre set geometry based on build

it should be fine but that's how its done if your doing it correctly

when you set the 4 wheel up the total toe will alter as the machine needs resetting to 18 inch

this has now changed the biesbarths values for original 17 inch wheels so the total toe/toe in on turns may give incorrect readings and prompt the user to adjust this when it would be ok with 17's

so you get it spot on for 17 then it should be fine with 18's on but there are differences between the standard and sline set up

toe is normally the same but camber may alter and the ride height will alter this

as you cant centralise the camber on the front and adjust it on the rear

just compare the readings with with both wheel types to see if its worryingly out

however i have never seen any issues but thats why you do it like that
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yes its correct mate for setting it up to manufacturers spec

that's what the dealer has told him and the dealer is correct apart form setting it up for 18's which they should not have to do

they should only set it up for the build data and pr code

if you wish to alter it then you can but that's factory instruction given to me when altering Q7 wheels and ride height

this also applies in this case

i wont argue as you obviously have your own idea and that's fine but the dealer has to work to manufacturers settings and that's it as there is no alternative adjustment to refer to or as I would do set it as close to nearest a3 with 18's

i did this with mine going from 16's and standard suspension to 18's and 40mm drop

i set the camber etc to sline and 10,000 miles without any wear

as i have said it will be fine

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