Whats your real name.


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Hi folks, my names Gary Vickers.

Was at the meet at Glasgow Audi a while back but was the first meet I'd been to so was a bit shy! Believe I met Brodster briefly though, but don't know anyone else!


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real name ; Olly / Olly B / Olly Bartlett

somehow in my younger years got translated to Olly for B, that then somehow became O lethal B

hence the username olethalb

the first forum i joined was clubpolo and imaginatively chose the car i planned to build - Polo 6n2 with a polo G40 (1.3 supercharged engine from a mk2f) so was polo6n2g40.

i was a forum noob and explained my plan, i was ridiculed and told it couldn't be done. i went away with my tail between my legs and returned 1 month later with the first 6n2 g40 freshly built, new suspension, brakes, engine rebuilt and tuned to around 170bhp etc etc and all the 'haters' disappeared :D


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lovely, i've never ventured across the border so far.

i guess i got carried away with my little story :D


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Surprise surprise, mines Iain and my initials are RS which suits my car just fine!



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My names Si ,,Simons my Sunday name drive a silver b6 190 in lancs area ,,Evo comes from a previous love but never managed to shake it off user names on all sorts so it kinda stuck


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My name is Doug, diesel comes form my profession/smell and the occasional drink... I answer to both.

@udi A3

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My name is classified, if i tell you i have to kill you, unless we are doing business :D

As i seem to frequent bonnie scotland more and more on day excursions i felt i should post :p

Thanks, Tom.


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alex waddell, ppl call me waddell usually just


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Hi, my names scott byiers. Just moved over from vxronline :)


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Funnily enough....

my birth name is John.... Been called Jack since I was a baby tho... So Jack it is... Jacko my alter ego! ;)