What's your "must have"?


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My list would be
1. Engine choice
2. Model - Sport/S-line
3. Heated Seats - a must when coming back from a cold winter dive..


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1. Rear doors - for practicality and easier to get in and out of the car in the garage etc.

2. S-Line - makes a massive difference to the looks of the car

3. S-Tronic - I really don't like a clutch

After that it's down to the options... Comfort pack, iPod integration, Phone integration, parking sensors, folding mirrors are pretty much must haves for any car.

Then it's the nice to have options - B&O, Tech pack, LED light pack etc.

Each time I get a new car, and I add something new to it, my list of "essentials" goes up. I wouldn't want the new car not to have everything the current one has and I've got used to using.


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Oh I forgot, must have a petrol engine, for economy, smoothness and performance, privacy windows, climate control, oh and keyless, very important....


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- Mono pur
- LED interior light pack
- High beam assist

Get all that and you will add to the premium feel of the car while adding some get and just drive convenience. :)


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I know hill hold assist is a bit marmite but I love it, especially combined with s-tronic. It's so effortless.


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Auto dimming rear view mirror, great for when people are tailgating.
And for when they main beam you after an overtake. And for people with badly adjusted lights. It's easily one of the best options. :)


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Agreed, very handy option.


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Well after some consideration, I'm having a change of heart. Really like the new A6, and in 3.0 BiTDi it's a hard decision. Plus matrix headlights!!


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LED Headlights. They are very effective, but like a tart I bought them purely for the looks and I don't regret them one bit. The front indicators are worth the cash alone. TICK THE BOX.

Oh, but while the front of my car looks cool, the inside sounds terrible. Upgrade the stereo, this is a genuine must have.
Having recently just turned on my heated front seats for the first time, I have to say that the level of comfort and luxury they add to the cabin during a night-time wintery drive vastly outweighs their cost. I'm bumping this one up my list. :)


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They do heat up very quickly


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I am blown away by the quality of light the LED headlights put out - before I ordered my S3 I read up about them and of course everyone spoke highly, but being totally honest with you, and specced them based on the look they give the car, they really make the car look like something a bit special. :)
However, as the winter draws in and the darkness descends by mid-afternoon, I have really come to appreciate the quality and sheer amount of light they put out. :arco:

I love the interior light package, and think the B&O speaker grilles really set it off a treat. The OCD side of me is ****** off they are not in the back on my SB though, with no really option for retrofit. :unhappy:

One thing I really should have gone for is the ACC. :banghead: I use standard cruise control a lot, and didn't think I needed ACC. In hindsight, everyone raves about it, and it's something I should have gone for.

I dechromed my car, going for black styling package, no roof rails and titanium matt wheels.
On the inside I went for 3D design black and I love the look.
I also went for monopur, and compared to the cars I have seen that don't have it, I think it adds a really quality touch.

I also went for the pano roof. Bit of a rip off, and nothing like the amount of glass you get with the pano roof on the 8P, however it completely changes the feel in the cabin - making it much lighter and airier. All round, a much happier place to be :icon thumright:


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ACC has definitely joined my must have list, only 2nd to S-Tronic.