whats the best way to find out what modules and options are fitted to my car.

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Jun 13, 2014
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As part of my new relationship with my car i'd like to get a better idea about which options and modules are currently fitted to the car.
I was hoping to setup my phone with bluetooth at some point also but i am not 100% if i have the module or not, there is a hole under the rubber mat in the tray below the arm rest which looks to have had the wiring for a phone craddle or fitting there in the past.
I was wondering wether this may indicate there is a module buts its disabled in the cars coding, so its probably good if i can find out somehow whats fitted etc and wether its active or disabled if you get my drift.
any feedback on the subject would be good.
I have a vag-com setup i could use but not 100% on how best to use it to get the info required.
Do a full scan on vcds. That will produce a report with all of the modules installed that vcds can connect to and also any error codes.

Another way to find out the options installed from the factory is by looking at the code list in your service manual or on the sticker in the boot spare wheel well.
You can decode all of the codes on the Internet to get a list of the options on your car
Hi rob, I'm sure you can get this info from audi UK via the dog and bone by giving them your registration
The sticker has your engine code, chassis number and all the option codes fitted at build, they are the long list of 3 letter/numbers set out in columns. easy to find out what they are. I don't think Audi HQ want hundreds of us ringing up to find out what our codes are, sure they have plenty of other jobs to get on with.
Rob just rang audi UK,

You need to speak with the "Vehicle History & Specification Team" on 0800 5423037 or 0333 0032729, give them your registration and vin and they can tell you exactly what specs your car left the factory with.
many thanks for that sir, i will be giving them a ring in the morning :icon thumright:, and also many thanks to all the other replies, all feedback is much apprieciated. :icon thumright::icon thumright::)
I did find an online site that you enter in all the codes and it gives you a list of the options, entered my codes from the service book then ran vcds and got a list of items from that aswell but the two dont match up with the codes in my manual hence why i want to get the data from audi which shuld be the correct original list and then work from that data pool.
cheers guys.
The original list will be on the sticker in your book.
You may have modules fitted that aren't coded or used due to not having the extras fitted eg. Multifunction Steering Wheel module is fitted to cars with Cruise Control regardless if u have a MFSW or not.
VCDS could also be showing u any retrofits since purchase from previous owners.