whats the best b6 a4 to buy.

Ali A

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guys im looking to sell my b5 a4 and get a b6 a4. what i want to know is which one is the best one to go for, pro and cons and what to look out for.

i'm thinking of either getting a 1.8t or 3.0 v6 or even the s line.

any responce appreciated.


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Would say best for getting more power out of relatively cheaply would be the 1.8t however, if funds allowed would get a S4 nothing like the sound of the big V8 although im sure it likes to drink the petrol, its all relative 1.8t is a good compromise, not sure about the 3.0 V6 though, dont know much about that engine.


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Definitely the one with the V8, assuming you can afford the petrol bill. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif