What's needed to do head gasket on S3 bam?


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Hi all, as above what's needed exactly to do a head gasket on my S3 bam engine?

I will be buying from TPS and they don't do a "set" as such but all individually listed parts.

Cam belt was done less than two months ago so I'm guessing just a new belt and auxiliary belt would be needed as the water pump is fresh?

I know I will need the following :

-Head gasket
-Cam cover gasket
-Valve stem seals
-Inlet and exhaust gasket
-Timing chain tensioner gasket
-Cam belt
-Auxiliary belt

Anything I have missed??

Cheers in advance


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Apart from head bolts lol


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Have new studs and nuts already, fluids I have too. I have all turbo gaskets too as will be fitting hybrid and new OE manifold at the same time. Along with clutch and flywheel (expensive few months lol)