whats my one worth?


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My car has a higher than average mileage and I was thinking of asking £3'500 for it.

It's a 2003 2.0FSi SE in black with 153'000 on the clock, service history up to 129'000.
I'm away to stick 12 months mot and tax on it at the end of the month.
I've retro fitted HID's and day light running lights and de-chromed the front grill otherwise it's standard.
I did have my 18" BBS CH alloys on it but I've taken them off for the winter and put the standard 16" alloys back on, I would be keeping them or selling them separately.
Only bad bit of the body work is that the previous owner must have reversed into something and has made a small dent in the boot lid and scratched the rear bumper.

Am I being unrealistic with my price or is £3'500 fair.


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hey mate looking around id say its worth 3.500 maybe more in the book they say from 4,000 to 5500
so id think your in a good place. but to be sure have a look in the auto trader
avg prices for the SE FSI are around 3300-4300, for a private sale.... but that's based on being in reasonable nick... and on on 70k miles...

I don't think being more than double avg mileage having a 24k gap in the service history and mods like illegal headlights are going to add to the value: this time last year, there were 2002 plate (so same as yours is now), lower mileage 1.8T Quattro's going for less that £3500... that said, the car market has improved a bit and there's plenty of mugs out there...